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Session Fee


For explainer videos & corporate narration, I charge a basic session fee of £250. This includes:


  • Studio hire

  • Voicing the audio

  • Editing and mastering the audio

  • A directed session if required (see formats)

  • Audio delivered as a high-quality WAV file

  • Retakes if required (see terms & conditions)

  • “Non-broadcast” use via the client’s website, social media accounts, or for internal training purposes 


Usage Fees


Additional fees may be applicable for paid advertising, broadcast, TV, film, radio or other higher-profile jobs. Each job is unique and the fee will reflect this as a number of variables need to be factored in. This rate calculator will give you a ballpark figure.


In terms of online advertising and video on demand, I can provide a more accurate quote if you can let me know the approximate number of impressions. If you’re unsure about the scale of the campaign, usage fees will be calculated at 100% of the session fee per 3 months and added to the quote. 


Knowing the scale of the campaign is especially important for TV content (For example, the number of TVRs). Again this will help me provide you with a more accurate quote. This usage fee calculator will give you a rough idea of the cost




These are my rates for e-learning narration


  • Raw audio at £0.20 per word

  • Edited audio at £0.25 per word

  • Edited audio with multiple file creation at £0.27 per word


The minimum rate for an order is £150.


Each project has its own unique requirements and therefore rates vary depending on the job. Gravy for the Brain is a good reference point when researching the going rate for a project.


For an exact quote, please contact me.

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